DIY Balloon & Fronds Tropical Party Centerpiece

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DIY Balloon & Fronds Tropical Party Centerpiece


  • Latex balloons of various sizes
  • Palm fronds and Monstera leaves or other foliage
  • Baker's twine or strong and thick clear fishing line if you prefer to keep it "transparent"
  • Tapestry needle or large sewing needle
  • Balloon air pump (optional)
  • Clear adhesive tape


1) Start by inflating all your balloons. I used an air pump that you plug into the electrical mains, but your lungs would do the trick too ;) Close the ends with a secure, tight knot.

The thread your twine or fishing line through the needle and pass it through the ends of one of the balloons. To stead your line tape the other other to a table or ask a friend to hold it, so the balloons do not slide off.

2) Add a second balloon to the line/twine in the same manner, varying the size.

3) Keep adding balloons to create a large garland (length of your choice). For my table I used between 12 balloons only.

4) Place the stretch garland onto your tabletop center, and tape the ends with clear tape. You could tape the garland under the table or even place weights at each end, but I was using place mats on top, so the twine and tape would be hidden. Then strategically insert the palms fronds and foliage in between each balloon.

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